Cattle Alleys & Tubs

Easy Flow® Cattle Alley

  • Available in 8’ and 10’
  • Comes with two removable panels for customized sheeting height
  • Cradle-shaped and fully adjustable to suit the size of the cattle
  • Removable panels can be bolted onto the sides of the alley when not in use
  • Lowered bottom bars on both ends of the alley for easy entry and exit
  • Nylon bushings on slam latch pins for quiet adjustment
  • Both sides can be adjusted from one side
  • Safety latches on the side panels ensure sides will not drop accidentally
  • Easy Flow Cattle Alleys bolt together to save space and reduce noise
  • Optional anti-backing system to stop cattle from rearing up or turning back in the chute
  • Sides are sheeted to the ground to eliminate foot traps and can be dropped down in case of an emergency

26’ Adjustable Cattle Alley 

  • Fully portable of Stationary options
  • Two rolling alley gates
  • Available in left and right configurations
  • Front 8’ section can be equipped with a scale system

Adjustable Cattle Alleys 

  • Width can be adjusted from 30” to 17”
  • Available in 8’ and 16’ lengths
  • Sheeted sides keep the cattle moving
  • Optional off-side adjustment handle

Cattle Sorting Alleys 

  • 4’ sheeted sides
  • Left or right-handed configuration
  • Can sort or divert in up to three directions
  • Spring-loaded doors and pulley system allow for quick and easy sorting
  • 14-gauge steel sheeting
  • Manufactured with high-quality powder coat to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Optional Access Gates can be attached to any Sorting Alley for Post-Chute Drafting

Portable Alley & Tub 

  • Two cradle-shaped 8’ Adjustable Cattle Alley Sections range from 29.5” to 18” in width
  • Easy Flow Adjustable Alleys make for smooth transitions from alley to chute
  • Easy Flow Cattle Alley sides can be adjusted from one side
  • Side panels of the Easy Flow Alley drop down fully to quickly access the animal in case of emergency
  • Safety latches on the side panels ensure sides will not drop accidentally
  • The tub folds in on itself so that it is compact for transport
  • Measures just 64” wide when panels are folded in
  • Single piece steel frame has been reinforced with new 2x6 beams
  • Choose your model with four different options

3E™ BudFlow® Cattle Tub

  • Comes in 8’, 10’, and 12’ radius
  • 3E System uses natural cattle behavior and light to create flow
  • Crowd gate is designed to ensure operator safety and can be used to direct animals in the right direction if necessary
  • Low-sheeted panels enhance flow by drawing cattle to the light leading into the right direction
  • 14-gauge steel sheeting
  • Crowd gate lock prevents animals from pushing the gate back
  • Panels are bolted tightly together for more stability and to eliminate rattling
  • Rubber bushing on the crowd gate lock dampens noise

Cattle Crowding Tub

  • Comes in 8’, 10’ 12’ Radius
  • Moves cattle quickly and safely into a chute, alley or truck
  • Easy to assemble
  • Exit gate and crowd gate lock-out included
  • Panels are bolted tightly together for more stability
  • 14-gauge steel sheeting
  • Caulking on sheet metal to reduce noise
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