Additional Cattle Working Equipment

Q-Catch Head Gate

  • Opens to a full 30” top to bottom
  • Single lever push-pull operation
  • Auto-adjusting head gate technology
  • Patented locking mechanism backed by a lifetime guarantee

Rolling Alley Gate

  • Door can be operated from either side
  • Off-side operation handle
  • Top hung running track reduces build-up
  • Features a safety latch

Head Holder

  • Provides maximum control of the animal by clamping the head securely
  • Moves in a synchronized, scissor-style motion
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Single lever control
  • Compact design

Chute Trailer

  • Designed for the Q-Catch 86 and Q-Power 106 Series cattle chutes
  • Pin-style or ball hitch
  • Heavy duty ratchet strap included

Calving Pen

  • Circular pen and crowd gate give the operator maximum control over the animal
  • 7.5’ door at the rear
  • Split top and bottom access doors with individual locks on both sides of the pen
  • Dual function as a hospital pen

Weigh Crate

  • Adjustable width from 30” to 17”
  • Integrates into your cattle handling system
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